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Konami Delists Itself from the New York Stock Exchange

Konami has chosen to voluntarily delist itself from the New York Stock Exchange, and has said that it did so to save money.

According to SEC filings, Konami first notified investors of its plans to delist back in November. The company filed on April 1, and the delisting became effective on April 24. Company officials mentioned that the move was done to save money, and analyst Michael Pachter explained to Polygon that U.S. regulatory compliance may have cost Konami over $5 million a year. The company apparently is still listed in both Tokyo and London.

The news comes shortly after Konami announced the cancellation of its horror game Silent Hill, the game that the scary P.T. demo teased so well. P.T., by the way, is being taken off the PlayStation Store soon, so you might want to grab it while you still can.

[Source: SEC via Polygon]