Consoles Will Control Less Than 50 Percent of UK’s Gaming Market, According to Research Firm

It looks like the comments Konami’s CEO made the other day about the mobile market being the future of gaming might be true, at least in the UK.

According to a report by research firm Newzoo, console revenue share in UK’s game industry will drop to around 48 percent this year, marking the first time the revenue share has fallen below 50 percent. At the same time, the smartphone and watch market is expected to jump to 17 percent this year after rising 4.4 percent. 

Tablets alone are expected to move up 10.1 percent, making it the fastest growing games category this year. Newzoo CEO Peter Warman pointed out that this means the mobile market will take up 28 percent of game spending in the UK this year.

Mobile will take 28 per cent of all game spending in the UK this year as the market matures and growth rates slow down.

Do you think the mobile market will overtake the console market in the coming years?

[Source: MCV]