Armello Coming to PS4 This September, is a Multiplayer Digital Board Game

Released earlier this year on Steam Early Access, developer League of Geeks announced that Armello is coming to PlayStation 4 this September.

A multiplayer digital board game, Armello combines deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy, and RPG elements as it places you into a “Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power.” Choosing from one of eight unique Heroes from the animal clans of Armello, you’ll compete for the crown while waging single player and multiplayer battles, casting spells, hiring agents, and preparing poisons and ruses.

League of Geeks’ Trent Kuster talked about the gameplay:

Heroes start in their clan grounds and use action points to traverse the board. Each hex tile presents different consequences including mysterious encounters, exploring a dungeon, capturing a town for your clan or improving a Hero’s health. Players won’t just be battling each other as they move across the board on their quest for the crown though, horrifying Banes stalk the land and terrorize the local populace, and the King’s Guards aren’t unfamiliar with slaying a guard or two in the name of the ‘law’. Atop all this, you’ll have an arsenal of over 100 fully animated cards at your disposal.

For the PS4 version of Armello, League of Geeks uses “every inch of the console, with brand new high end assets, redesigned UI, and controls specifically designed to ensure feels right at home on PS4.”

Answering a couple fan questions on the PS Blog, Kuster says there aren’t any plans for a demo. As for a potential PlayStation Vita version, he said, “No dedicated Vita game, but we’ve got kits in the studio so we’ll be doing everything we can to make Remote Play as slick as possible.”

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