Rock Band 4’s Campaign Lets Players Make Meaningful Choices Just Like an RPG

Rock Band 4‘s campaign will let players create their own type of band, allowing players to make meaningful choices that impact the type of band they have, the places they can play at, and the band’s overall future.

In an interview with IGN, Designer Alli Thresher explained that the game’s campaign lets players really focus on their being a virtual musician, meaning that it isn’t just about being able to play impressive songs. Players will also have to amass fans, market themselves, and feed their careers.

When we started looking at all the new features we have in the game, mechanically, it just made sense for us to build this epic, branching story where instead of taking one rise to fame path through the world. You know, you go from your hometown to being the biggest band in the world, you choose…what kind of band you are.

It really deepens the band fantasy, and it really gives us the opportunity to answer some things we’ve been hearing from fans over the last five years and really, really amp up that feeling and the fantasy and dynamics of being in a band. Making decisions together, charting a path through your careers, building your story as a musician, and figuring out who you are.

Thresher went onto explain that “you accumulate fans per geographic location across the world, and fans gain you access to new opportunities that unlock special, cool – we’re still working on it – but special Easter Eggs and that kind of thing.” 

Based on all of that, it sounds like Rock Band 4‘s campaign mode will be fairly immersive, and will offer players more than just wailing on fake instruments. What are your thoughts on the campaign mode? Be sure to check out the list of songs that have been confirmed for Rock Band 4 here.

[Source: IGN]