The Witcher 3 Update on PS4 & Xbox One Will Include Bigger Fonts, is Still in Certification

Update (11:30am PT):

Update 1.03 is now live on PlayStation 4 in Europe and the patch notes have been revealed.

A North American launch is coming soon.

Original Story:

After looking into the problem due to fan feedback, CD Projekt Red has been able to include a fix for the small text size issue inside the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Community Lead Marcin Momot revealed this news on Twitter, responding to someone who asked if the patch fixes the small text:

Yes. It does. The fonts will be bigger.

Also, as was highlighted as an issue in the PS4 vs Xbox One frame-rate test, the Xbox One version of the patch should include a 30fps lock option.

The patch could still be a few days away though, with Momot saying yesterday, “The console patches are in certification right now. As soon as they are approved, they will be released.”

Asked today about the update status, The Witcher Twitter account said, “When they are ready. We hope to have news soon.” They later added, “We are working on more patches for all platforms. Console patches take longer. Sorry.”

For a few helpful tips, Momot suggested a way to avoid taking damage while jumping from a ledge:

Try pressing the jump button when jumping. There should be significantly less damage, if any.

If you’re unable to replay a failed quest, The Witcher account suggested:

Try loading a saved game before the quest starts.

When the new The Witcher 3 update is available on PS4 and Xbox One, we’ll let you know.

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