Next The Witcher 3 Update on PS4 Should Include Bigger Subtitle Sizes, Pyres of Novigrad Fix & More (Update)


In a couple more tweets about The Witcher 3 today, the official account said the development team is “aware of [the small font size problem] and is working on the issue.”

Marcin Momot also revealed that they’re working on correcting a bug where Geralt appears wet after exiting the inventory.

Original Story:

With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update 1.02 in North America going live right now on PlayStation 4 according to reports (1.03 released yesterday in Europe), the game is now updated to the latest version.

This doesn’t mean CD Projekt Red is taking a break though, with Community Lead Marcin Momot revealing that the next update, currently titled 1.04, is already in the works for both PS4 and Xbox One.

First up, Momot replied to some fans on Twitter, telling someone, “The Pyres of Novigrad should be fixed in patch 1.04. We are already working on this update.” Similarly, they are aware of the PS4 error code CE-34878-0 and are “working to have it fixed in the next patch.”

When Momot was pushed for a timeframe on update 1.04, he said, “ASAP is the only answer I can give now. Sorry for lack of more detail. We try to get patches out as fast as we can.”

In the PS4 section of their forums, Momot also discussed The Witcher 3 update 1.04, mentioning once again that a Pyres of Novigrad fix is on the way:

“This [Pyres of Novigrad], along with other bugged quests, will be fixed in the upcoming 1.04.”

“The next patch (1.04) should contain fixes to the quest bugs you guys have been reporting and an increased subtitle size.”

As for an issue where people received no experience during missions, Momot said:

Our QA is looking into this. To be honest to even out the lack of scaling of enemies some side quests are bound to give rather little XP but it shouldn’t be zero. Will update you once any new info becomes available.

What do you hope to see in the next The Witcher 3 update?

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