Class of Heroes 2G Launches Digitally On June 2 for the PS3 in North America

A grid-based dungeon-crawling RPG, Class of Heroes 2G is coming to the PlayStation 3 as a digital release in North America on June 2, carrying a price of $44.99. As for Europe, Gaijinworks said, “Still working through the system for EU.”

Enrolling in Crostini Academy to learn the way of the sword or staff by accepting quests that require you to survive over 125 labyrinth maps filled with over 250 beasts, Class of Heroes 2G allows you to choose from 10 races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc) and 18 unique classes (like Ranger, Sorcerer, Berserker, etc) in your party of up to six.

In Class of Heroes 2G you’ll find a Normal and a Hard mode, with a series of optional challenge quests opening up after you beat the game. Once those quests are completed, the ten level Dark Gate labyrinth opens, featuring a major boss on every floor.

A first for an RPG on PS3, Class of Heroes 2G also supports dual-screen play in North America only. This means you can sync your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation Portable to your PS3 to use as a controller, with the second screen being used to display additional information, like maps and stats, relevant to what’s happening on the main screen.

If you want even more Class of Heroes, Class of Heroes 3 is coming to PSP/PS Vita later this year.

[Source: PS Blog]