LittleBigPlanet 3 Update 1.08 Rolling Out, Includes Fixes for Keyboards and More


Sackboy & Co.’s latest game will be getting patched with LittleBigPlanet 3 update 1.08, which is set for release today, June 3 at 7:05 ET.

Clocking in at 100MB for PlayStation 4, and 104MB for PS3, the update will fix Text Chat for those using keyboards on a PS4, PlayStation Camera stickers fix so Sackboy won’t become glued to objects in Create Mode and lots more.

You can read the complete LBP3 update notes below.

PlayStation 4 Download Size: 100MB

PlayStation 3 Download Size: 104MB

Important Patch Download Information for PlayStation 4 Users

Due to the way that PlayStation 4 updates software in the background, some players are encountering issues with game progression by attempting to access content that is not ready to be used.

To avoid encountering issues, we recommend that you check your Download Status before starting LittleBigPlanet 3.

This can be achieved by highlighting LittleBigPlanet 3 on the PlayStation 4 Home Screen, pressing Options on your controller and selecting Information.

The following screen will inform you of your current download status.

If the Download Status displays that the Download Progress and Download Size are the same (E.g. 1.2GB/1.2GB), your game is ready to launch with all of the features available to you upon arriving in your Pod. 

Update Notes 1.08

General Fixes

  • PlayStation 4 Keyboard – Using the keyboard during general gameplay will now automatically open up the Text Chat window for easier communication with other players.
  • Custom Power-ups no longer need to be selected three times to equip when already holding a Custom Power-up.

Game Stability

General Fixes

  • Fixed a potential hanging issue that may occur if the users are switched during the initial boot sequence of LittleBigPlanet 3 session.
  • Fixed a potential hanging issue that may occur if the player removes a network cable when loading into a Community Adventure.
  • Fixed a potential crash issue that could occur in Online Multiplayer when both the Host returns to the Adventure Map and the Client returns to the Pod simultaneously.
  • Fixed a number of potential crash instances when selecting a Sticker or a Decoration in the Pod.

Adventure – General

  • Collectabells and Zom’s Zom’s purchased costumes will no longer reset when deleting the smaller 15MB player save profile data, making these costumes no longer obtainable if previously purchased.

Adventure – Manglewood – The Wheel Deal

  • Deleting your smaller 15MB player save profile data will no longer prevent you from completing the level upon re-attempting it after your first attempt.

Create Mode

  • Fixed a potential crash instance that may occur when opening a Controlinator by the edge of a level.
  • Fixed a potential crash instance when Rewinding to retrieve deleted character logic after disrupting it during transition.

Create Mode

  • Sackboy can no longer become glued to objects in some rare circumstances and potentially become stuck in the Pod or during gameplay.

    Note: This will not repair any Sackboys already glued to objects.

    To fix a Sackboy already glued to object:

    • Start LittleBigPlanet 3 as another user on your console.
    • Go into Create Mode.
    • Press the PS Button on a second controller and invite the affected Sackboy into this game session as Player 2.
    • Use Player 1 to examine the affected Sackboy to locate and remove any logic/objects attached to them.
    • With all of the logic/objects removed; Player 2 should change their Costume to force a save of their profile.
    • Exit LittleBigPlanet 3.
    • Change user to the account that previously had the objects stuck on Sackboy.
    • Start the game and your Sackboy should now appear in your Pod without an issue.


  • The PlayStation Camera Stickers obtained from Newton’s Airship will now function correctly and can be placed down on all surfaces that accept Stickers.
  • Sackbots with player character logic attached to them will now have that logic persist correctly when dying and re-spawning.
  • Paint Mode: Players will now be able to correctly access the full spectrum of the Advanced Colour Picker, after they have changed the colour once.

DLC Fixes

Adventure Time Level Kit

  • The Balloon Decoration is now available to be collected from the Adventure Time level. It is located at the beginning of the Ice King’s Kingdom.

    Note: If you have previously played this level, you will need to replay it to collect this item’s Prize Bubble.

Known Issues

We wanted to get this update out a bit sooner than usual, so you may have noted that whilst it was a smaller than usual update, it contained some key priority fixes.

Work has already begun work on Game Update 1.09 though and we just wanted to let you of some of the higher priority issues that we’re currently investigating for inclusion in the next update.

This isn’t a fully inclusive listing of all of the issues that we’re currently looking at but should give you an idea of our primary focus for the next update.

  • Multiplayer Connections

    We are aware that some players are still having trouble connecting to other players online and we will primarily be focusing on improving the overall multiplayer experience by removing potential error connections and improving the overall connection success rate.
  • Corner Editor Issue

    This issue seems to be affecting a small number of very dedicated creators and it appears to become stuck to a player’s profiles once it has occurred. We are still looking into the underlying cause of this issue.

    If you have encountered this issue and would be willing to provide your save profile data for us to examine, please feel free to get in touch with me via Private Message.

  • Magic Mouth Issues

    Magic Mouths are the talk of our testing teams! (Pun intended…)

    We are currently looking into a number of reported issues of Magic Mouths not behaving correctly and are aiming to address these in Game Update 1.09
  • The Muppets: Final Boss – One Life Checkpoint

    Known internally as “Muppets: Hard Mode”, this naturally isn’t how the final boss of The Muppets Premium Level Pack is intended to behave and we will be looking to fix the checkpoint system for this level in the next update.

Other Known Issues We Are Looking Into:

Note Tool Not Remembering Visibility Tweaks

Battle on the Ice Music Track not playing correctly.

Missing LBP and LBP 2 Import Items

That’s a ton of fixes and changes, no? We’ll let you know once a new title update for LBP3 becomes available.

[Source: PlayStation EU]