Trine 2 Update for PS4 Out Now in US and EU, Changelog Listed

Developer Frozenbyte has rolled out for its hit game, Trine 2. The PlayStation patch is now available for download for both US and EU gamers, so if your PS4 doesn’t automatically download patches, better head on over and flick that switch on.

Here’s the complete Trine 2 update changelog for the PS4:


Following Features Were Added:

  • Added Japanese text localization

Following Fixes Were Applied:

  • Added Walk in the Park trophy indicator into level selection menu

  • Fixed duplicate characters in online multiplayer game

Yep, not a lot of tweaks made, but any post-launch support is a good thing, right? Are there any more changes Frozenbyte needs to do for Trine 2? Let them know through the studio’s official Twitter here.

[Source: Frozenbyte]