Survive The Deadly Tower of Monsters on PS4 in Fall 2015

The newest title from ACE Team (Abyss Odyssey) and Atlus, The Deadly Tower of Monsters is an “action-based adventure oozing with B-movie charm” coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC in Fall 2015.

Starring Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, and The Robot, The Deadly Tower of Monsters sees your progress up the tower visible the entire time you climb far into outer space. In addition to enemies being able to climb/fly up the tower to attack you, sometimes you’ll need to freefall in order to progress. As the description explains, “Embrace gravity and freefall to find new paths, explore hidden areas, or if you just really miss terra firma (yes, you can fall allllllllllllllllll the way down).”

Here’s the game’s description:

Marooned on the desolate planet Gravoria, the trio of adventurers find their only method of escape awaits at the top of a tower – a tower renowned for its deadliness and its propensity to be filled with monsters! Lizard-men! UFOs! Nuclear ants! Dinosaurs! Robot monkeys! All of these horrors await our intrepid adventurers as they ascend the deadly tower. Will they avoid their own doom? Find out this fall, only in theaters on PC and PS4!

Features Include:

  • Developed entirely in color thanks to the miraculous power of monsterama
  • A hero’s choice lasts forever! Or at least until the nearest sleep chamber where you can pick Starspeed, Scarlet, and yes, even the Robot.
  • Watch out! Climbing to the top of the tower means you might fall off! but gravity is no foe to dick starspeed and crew; freefall to explore new areas and find incredible treasures
  • It’s a talkie with a laff-a-minute commentary from the director himself
  • Blast ’em, scarlet! A wide array of lethal weapons are in our heroes’ arsenal to maim, shoot, and zap their way through all the enemies! woe to those poor enemies who forget about their super secret powers to boot!

What do you think of The Deadly Tower of Monsters?