Batman: Arkham Knight Runs at a Capped 30fps on PS4, Analysis Reveals

A PlayStation Store listing earlier this year revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight would run at 1080p, and now with the embargo lifted, a Digital Foundry performance analysis has confirmed the game runs at a capped 30fps.

Noting that they played PlayStation 4 review code on a Sony debug unit – and not the final retail version – Digital Foundry says they are “pleased to see the game is set to launch in a very refined, polished state,” complete with a stable playing experience on day one.

Getting to the frame-rate test (see video above), they confirmed Arkham Knight is “capped at 30fps, in this case backed by an adaptive v-sync.” This means you’ll rarely see dips below 30fps and the barely noticeable screen-tearing typically only happens during stressful moments while driving the Batmobile.

You’ll also find a seamless transition between gameplay and cut-scenes in Arkham Knight, though Digital Foundry noted a drop when driving the Batmobile:

The only hitch is in fast Batmobile pursuits, where the frame-rate dips to 26fps in one segment. Everything else – from effects-heavy tank combat to swoops across the city with a grappling hook – just cruises along at a clean 30fps. No stuttering, no frame-pacing issues, just a continuous line – as it should be.

Outside of frame-rate, Digital Foundry only encountered one bug of consequence in their playthrough – a collision detection issue that caused them to fall through the game world – but other than that, “the rest of the adventure went uninterrupted.”

If you’re planning on buying Batman: Arkham Knight when it launches next week on June 23 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, don’t forget that there’s a 3.5GB day one update.

Expect to see our review of Arkham Knight soon.

[Source: Eurogamer]