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E3 2015 – The Deadly Tower of Monsters Preview: Starspeed

If you have had the hankering to play through a bad B-movie from the ’70s then you might want to pay close attention to Deadly Tower of Monsters from Atlus.

You Said Dick!

Starring the Shatner-like Dick Starspeed, players make their way through a tower to reach the end, all while the director is providing commentary in the background about the movie. The game provides plenty of over-the-top cheese and tongue-in-cheek moments that made me laugh with just how silly they were.

My extremely brief time with the game had me falling from the sky and dropping in at the bottom of the tower. I was told by the representative that there are a lot of parts in the game where you will need to just jump off the side of the tower to discover new locations.

Not Taking Itself Seriously

Dick Starspeed isn’t fighting any kind of super aliens, but instead things like dinosaurs from extremely old movies that moved in jerky patterns. Everything I found in the game just didn’t take itself too seriously. Even when falling in the water, I was eaten by a big looking monster and then spat back out.

Unfortunately the rep was only able to let me play for a few minutes before my appointment was over, but what I did see had me interested to hear and try more. Deadly Tower of Monsters is set to release on the PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.