20-Minute Battleborn Gameplay Walkthrough Takes You Through a Story Mission

Offering over 20 minutes of gameplay, character profiles, and more, the E3 2015 Battleborn gameplay walkthrough was uploaded by Gearbox today, taking you through a story mission on the planet Bliss.

To hear explanations of the game and more, watch the video from the beginning. To just see pure gameplay, skip ahead to 4:15.

Asked if this video was for PvP or PvE, the developers replied, “Both! See details on all the modes here.”

Here’s the video’s description:

From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter For Every Kind of Badass. This is a story mission people experienced when they played Battleborn at E3. The gameplay demo follows a team of five heroes on the planet Bliss as they infiltrate an old Peacekeeper base and attempt to close a portal that’s allowing the evil Varelsi to enter the Solus system. This gameplay demonstration is one part of a larger chapter in Battleborn’s story mode, which can be played by up-to five people co-operatively or solo.

Battleborn releases in Winter 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Battleborn (YouTube)]