8 Reasons You Have to Play Suikoden III on the PSN

Anyone that has stuck around PlayStation LifeStyle for awhile should know by now that I have a healthy obsession with the Suikoden series. Well, not so healthy if you ask my wife but let’s not get into that right now. Recently, Sony added my favorite game of the series and my favorite RPG of all time to the PlayStation Network. There are just so many reasons to like Suikoden III and so many ways I could try to convince you to play it, such as stalking you at your house, but instead I will just provide you a list of eight reasons you need to play this all-time classic.

I know some of these may come across as silly but in all honesty, this is an RPG that anyone who calls themselves a fan of the genre has to play. The great thing is, even if you have played and beaten Suikoden III before, you can still play it again because of the ability to select your own Flame Champion of the three main characters. Heck, I have beaten the game 10 times and I plan to replay and beat it again soon.

What do you think about Suikoden III? Will you be buying it on the store?