Minecraft Update 1.17 on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Goes Live Today, Here’s the Full List of Patch Notes


The update is now available in Europe and North America.

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Set to go live today, July 1, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, Minecraft update 1.17 tweaks the game, adds DLC compatibility, and brings along some new additions.

Valid on all three platforms (unless otherwise noted), here’s the full list of patch notes for Minecraft update 1.17:

Changes and Additions

  • Added Oak Wood Fence, Spruce Wood Fence, Birch Wood Fence, Jungle Wood Fence.
  • Added Oak Wood Fence Gate, Spruce Wood Fence Gate, Birch Wood Fence Gate, Jungle Wood Fence Gate.
  • Added Oak Wood Door, Spruce Wood Door, Birch Wood Door, Jungle Wood Door.
  • Added Iron Trapdoor, Inverted Daylight Sensor, Book and Quill, Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes.
  • Added Custom Superflat User Interface, allowing players to customize superflat world generation.
  • Added new in-game options to allow changing game mode, difficulty setting, time of day, and spawn position per player, and disable or enable ambient cave sounds, and weather settings.
  • Split Load/Join interface into Create/Load/Join.
  • Changed Game Mode selection to a slider.
  • Added Classic Crafting option, so you can now craft the same way as on the Java version if you really want to! This option is available in the UI settings menu.
  • Added LittleBigPlanet Mash-up Pack trial content.
  • Enabled USB keyboard use for Book and Quill. (PS4 and PS3 only)


  • Fixed a crash when a lot of Redstone Dust was used.
  • Fixed various incorrect tooltip issues.
  • Fix for mined item entities sometimes appearing at the top of the world, rather than spawning where the block is destroyed
  • Fix for an issue with corrupt capes on characters.
  • Fix for an issue where players could open Trapped Chests, Droppers, Hoppers and Beacons even though “Can Open Containers” was off.
  • Fixed a crash when a flaming arrow shot from a Dispenser hits TNT.
  • Fixed a memory leak causing crashes after prolonged play sessions.
  • Fixed a problem with dropped items sinking below the ground.
  • Fixed an issue with TNT explosions.
  • Fixed a problem with baby villagers’ collision height.
  • Fixed an issue with the Steampunk Texture Pack. (PS3 only)

If you’re looking for title update 25 on Xbox 360/content update 14 on Xbox One for Minecraft, follow the links, though the patch notes are largely the same.

[Source: Mojang, Minecraft Forums (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)]