Zero Escape 3 Entered Production Due to “Fan Enthusiasm,” Development “Just Started”

Yesterday, Aksys Games made a lot of people happy by announcing Zero Escape Volume 3 for the PlayStation Vita and 3DS. The game, which almost fell victim to budget constraints, has been made possible thanks in part to “fan enthusiasm.” Twitter users @Wario64 and @JustinMikos, who was in attendance when a panel for the game was held at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, tweeted a few details out for eager fans:

  • Zero Escape 3 will take place somewhere people train to go to Mars. Development just started
  • Fan enthusiasm encouraged reevaluation of Zero Escape 3 and allowed it to enter production
  • In previous games, Kotaro Uchikoshi wanted people to question common sense. In Zero Escape 3 Uchikoshi wants you to reevaluate your values
  • Puzzle creation has been left to Uchikoshi’s staff
  • Akane’s cape at the end of Zero Escape 2 will somehow appear in 3
  • Danganronpa writer Kazutaka Kodaka knows how Zero Escape 3 ends, and has said that it is “the most out of this world ending so far.”

Another Twitter user @Nibellion also shared a photo of the game’s promo art:

zero escape 3 promo 2

Over on NeoGAF, Aksys Games has said that it will be revealing Zero Escape 3‘s artist and more info throughout the year. “Unfortunately Kinu Nishimura (who I also love) isn’t involved with the project, but the new artist is just as amazing in their own right,” a company employee wrote.

[Source: Justin Mikos (Twitter), Wario64 (Twitter), Nibellion (Twitter)NeoGAF]