The Fall Lands on PS4 and Xbox One Next Week

Developed by Over the Moon Games, The Fall launches on July 14 in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at $9.99.

The first part in a planned trilogy, you play as ARID, the artificial intelligence on board a futuristic combat suit, whose human pilot has been injured and hangs almost lifeless inside. To find medical help, ARID must take control of the suit, but her rules and protocols soon become her own worst enemy.

For this PlayStation 4 version, The Fall includes a developer commentary that will share “how we made it and why we made the choices that we did.”

Over the Moon Founder and Lead Developer John Warner adds:

At Over The Moon, we have a lot of fun playing with ideas and wanted The Fall to communicate some really good ones. Great films communicate ideas using a series of visual tools, but what can we do with the added interactivity in games? The Fall is our first answer to that question. Our goal is to create challenges that cause the player to think in specific ways to overcome them. For example, players of The Fall are given challenges that require them to find loopholes in the rules that they’re given. The story then opens a discussion on our relationship to rules and how we sometimes struggle to hang on to them, despite obvious flaws.

You can check out the Trophy List for The Fall over on Exophase, though it doesn’t contain anything above a Silver.

[Source: PS Blog]