Puzzle Reflex Game Squares Available Now on PlayStation Vita in North America

Released yesterday on PlayStation Vita in North America for $4.99, Squares from LEAP Game Studios is an “addictive, fast puzzle reflex game.”

First built at the Global Game Jam 2012 before LEAP was formed, Squares sees you turning all the blue squares gray, while trying to finish each level as quickly as possible. As you can see in the trailer, different types of squares will add additional ways to interact with the game.

Featuring more than 80 levels and specific Vita touch features, Production Manager Luis Wong added:

The game allows you to compare your best scores and accomplishments with that of your friends and others via leaderboards and Trophies. We also included a level editor to allow players to create their own levels, which they will be able to share through the PlayStation Network in a future patch.

Using the PlayStation Incubation Program to help with development, Wong said, “We look forward to partnering with the Incubation Program to introduce the many other games we currently have in the pipeline for PlayStation.”

[Source: PS Blog, PlayStation Store]