Boba Fett Revealed for Star Wars Battlefront

It’s no secret by now that Star Wars Battlefront will include heroes and villains straight out the films. These characters won’t be your ordinary foot soldier, but will be crucial in turning the tide of a match.

Over on its Star Wars site, EA has formally revealed Boba Fett and what kind of havoc he can bring to the table. “Boba Fett is designed to be a dreaded force in battle. His mobility and deadly cache of weaponry should send you fleeing if you see him on the battlefront,” the post adds.

So what kind of weapons does Fett have? He’ll have two wrist launchers (one on each hand) that fires off a rocket, and a Flame Blaster for close-quarter combat.

His jetpack lets Boba Fett fly around the maps, making him extremely mobile and gives him the ability to take shots from the air with his EE-3 Carbine Rifle. He comes equipped with two wrist launchers, one armed with a rocket – perfect for long-range attacks – and one with a Flame Blast attack for when things get up close and personal.

For Fett’s armaments, DICE relied on the original Star Wars trilogy and beyond. Here’s what DICE Senior Producer Jamie Keen had to say:

As originally portrayed in the films, Boba Fett has a wealth of gadgets at his disposal but we only see him use a fraction of these in the films. There’s much more than the jetpack and blaster rifle going on. Boba Fett’s got a disintegrator pistol, a flame pack in one arm, rockets, dart launchers, and even lasers. So there was a lot to choose from before we wound up with the final loadout.

Just like in the movies, Fett can use his jetpack to fly unhindered. However, given that it would make the character a bit too powerful compared to other Heroes and Villains (Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as examples), DICE chose to limit Fett’s flying by adding a fuel mechanic.

When we first designed Boba Fett’s flight pack, it quickly became clear that the ability to fly unhindered was very powerful compared to other characters who didn’t have that ability,” Jamie Keen explains. “For instance, when Boba Fett was facing off with Luke Skywalker in early development, it was unbalanced as there were no limitations placed upon his flight capability. That’s why we’ve added a fuel mechanic which forces Boba Fett to land from time to time before he can take off again.

According to DICE, more info on the other Heroes will be revealed soon, so sit tight. 

Who are the Star Wars characters you want DICE to add as playable Heroes (and Villains) in Star Wars Battlefront? Sound off and let us know.

[Source: EA Star Wars]