Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Ninth Hidden Specialist Revealed, Watch the Video to See the Flamethrower in Action

If you’ve played the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta, then you’re now probably familiar with the different Specialists available in the upcoming shooter.

Unfortunately, the last Specialist wasn’t accessible and we didn’t know what what he/she was named, what abilities he/she can do — at least until now.

Thanks to TheBlackOps3, who provided us with the details and the video above, you can watch gameplay footage of the ninth Black Ops 3 Specialist! He’s called the “Purifier” and has a Flamethrower weapon as one of his ability, with the other one called “Heatwave” which burns and stuns enemies near your vicinity.

Here’s what the character looks like. Bear in mind though, that this is from the PC Black Ops 3 beta files, and some things could change before the final retail release.


For more Black Ops 3 news, Activision has called the Black Ops 3 beta the “biggest” one in PS4 history. Also of note, Nuketown seems to be making a comeback if the official PlayStation Store in Brazil is to be believed.

[Source: TheBlackOps3]