TGS 2015: Project Morpheus Now Officially Named as PlayStation VR

During Sony’s TGS 2015 presser, the company announced that Project Morpheus — it’s virtual reality program — will now be called “PlayStation VR.”

Granted it’s not the most original name change, but you can’t fault Sony for sticking to its PlayStation brand, which has become a very good selling point. Some of the games that will be making its way onto Sony’s virtual reality device have been confirmed as well, and it includes a Final Fantasy game!


Unfortunately, no firm release date has been given for PlayStation VR. Our own Heath Hindman will be on the show floor to try the latest Project Morpheus PlayStation VR games and will offer his thoughts in the coming days.


Final Fantasy XIV isn’t actually coming to PlayStation VR, with Square Enix telling Eurogamer:

This is a demo that’s been created for TGS. We don’t have any plans for an official release.