Buyers’ Guide: Which 2015 Toys to Life Game Is Right for You?

Ever since Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure released in 2011, the “toys-to-life” genre has been a phenomenon. Despite being targeted at kids, the series has been a breakthrough to where even adults love collecting these figures that are able to be used in games. In fact, scalpers probably love the series more than children do.

With success comes iterations and competitors, though. Skylanders is now on its fifth installment, Skylanders SuperChargers, and there are two major competitors in LEGO Dimensions and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. With three games all aiming at your wallet, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle figured you could use some help in deciding which game is right for you.

To do so, we’ve come up with our 2015 buyers guide for toys-to-life games. We’ve focused on the different business models the games have, the properties they include, and what you get with the Starter’s Edition for each game.

We hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guide for the 2015 toys-to-life games. All three are quality products, so you’ll have to decide which one best fits your interest. Let us know in the comments what toys-to-life game you’re playing!

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