Don’t Expect a Burnout HD Collection on PS4, as Criterion Has “Moved on to New, Even Better Things”

If you were hoping that Criterion was secretly working on a Burnout Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developer has some bad news for you:

Asked if they might go back and give just Burnout Paradise the HD treatment, Criterion replied, “Nope. No plans for anything like that, except getting Paradise running on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.”

Another person on Twitter suggested an HD version of Burnout 3 would be as easy as pushing a button. Criterion said, “Making the button is the tricky bit, though.”

Those “newer, even better things” Criterion mentioned include their unnamed IP, which was announced back in June 2014 and is the biggest game they’ve ever made. They briefly touched on it today by saying “it is indeed” still in development.

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