Next SHAREfactory Update Will Support PNG Image Files

Thanks to the new PlayStation 4 system update 3.00, screenshots can now be saved as PNG files. However, despite the update, the SHAREfactory app still won’t be able to support PNG files.

According to SHAREfactory Senior Producer Stuart Platt, SHAREfactory won’t be able to support the PNG format until its next update. When asked when that update will be, Platt simply said it will happen “after the @BlueJays win the World Series.”

While the system update didn’t give SHAREfactory PNG support, it did improve the stability of the app, the program’s official Twitter page mentioned.

Are you excited for PNG image support to be added to SHAREfactory? What do you think of the  PS4 3.00 system update?

[Source: SHAREfactory, Stuart Platt]