Syndrome Bringing Sci-Fi Scares to Consoles and PC Next Year, Trailer Revealed

A new first-person survival horror game is coming out next year, and it will give players to option to flee or fight.

Developer Camel 101 has just released a new trailer for its upcoming game Syndrome, showing off some sci-fi scares. In a press release, Camel explained that Syndrome will take place in a dark spaceship, and will allowing players to take advantage of various weapons to defend themselves against the unknown horror that lurks around the ship. However, there won’t be enough ammo to kill everything, meaning players will have to rely on quick getaways to save themselves. 

Syndrome is set to release in Quarter 2 of 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And if you like sci-fi horror games, be sure to check out our review of SOMA.