Summon Night 5 PSN Price Can Be Reduced Through a New Twitter Campaign, Watch the Opening Movie in 1080p

When tactical RPG Summon Night 5 launches digitally for the PlayStation Portable (PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV compatible) this fall in North America, it will be priced at $34.99 regularly, Gaijinworks announced.

If you want to lower the price of Summon Night 5 though, simply retweet this tweet. Depending on the number of retweets, the price will be lowered to a minimum of $28.99:

  • At 250 Retweets: $33.99
  • At 500 Retweets: $32.99
  • At 1,000 Retweets: $31.99
  • At 2,000 Retweets: $30.99
  • At 4,000 Retweets: $29.99
  • At 5,000 Retweets: $28.99

Retweets before October 31 also enter you to win one of five PlayStation TV, 8GB memory card, and DualShock 3 bundles.

Additionally, Gaijinworks brought out the game’s intro movie in full 1080p for the first time anywhere in the world, as you can see above.

Asked about the release date of Summon Night 5, Gaijinworks said, “We’re shooting for next month. Will have a better idea on a date once it’s out of Sony QA.”

As for a potential Western release of Summon Night 6 if Summon Night 5 does well, they said, “That’s the hope, and why we went to the trouble of localizing a game with an immense 50k lines of dialogue on the PSP in 2015.”

[Source: Gaijinworks (Twitter 1, 2)]