Tricky Towers Is a Multiplayer Physics-Based Tower Building Game Coming Soon to PS4

From indie developer WeirdBeard, Tricky Towers is a “build ’em up” coming soon to PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

Using tetrominoes to create a tower in this multiplayer (local and online) physics-based building game, the goal in Tricky Towers is to build your faster and better than your opponents. Making things interesting, everyone’s able to use magic spells to either support their own tower or mess up one of their opponents.

WeirdBeard Co-Founder Niels Monshouwer talked about the race and survivor modes:

Race Mode

In race mode you must build a tower tall enough to reach the finish line before your opponents do. But don’t stop and celebrate too soon — your tower has to remain upright for three seconds before you’ll be crowned as the winner!

Survivor Mode

Survivor mode is all about building a safe, stable tower. Each time you drop tetrominoes your character will lose a life. Lose all your lives and you’re out! Survivor mode is a tricky balance of building to protect your own tower while trying to cast spells that will tumble the towers of your opponents. There are also rumors of the survival world being a tad haunted…

A release window wasn’t given for Tricky Towers, but WeirdBeard is finishing up development by creating a single-player campaign, polishing the magic spells, and improving the multiplayer experience.

[Source: PS Blog]