Helldivers Update Today Adds New Mission & New Ranks

Out today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, the third free content expansion update for Helldivers, Democracy Strikes Back, celebrates Liberty Day.

“We are committed to renewing our efforts against the enemies of Super Earth,” developer Arrowhead says. “No longer will we let them threaten us and attack our home cities. It is time to strike back, to make a stand for Democracy to ensure the future of Humanity.”

Here’s what’s included inside the Democracy Strikes Back expansion:

Retaliatory Strike Mission

  • Drop down into the enemy strongholds and liberate! Expect wave after wave of enemies to resist your presence.

Rise up the ranks! – Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back also adds 20 new ranks raising the MAX to 50!

  • Players have asked us for more leveling content and we are happy to oblige. Reaching rank 50 will be a long journey for the most hardcore of players.

If you prefer paid DLC, Arrowhead is also bringing out the Terrain Specialist Pack and Precision Expert Pack today (no prices given):

Terrain Specialist Pack

  • All Terrain Boots Perk – The Helldiver All Terrain Boots lowers the slowing impact of difficult terrain. Great for snow planets or when you need to cross a swamp.
  • Missile Barrage Stratagem – A portable missile battery fires a salvo at the targeted location, pretty much obliterating anything in the targeted area.
  • The Terrain Specialist Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

Precision Expert Pack

  • Precision Call In Perk – Better targeting data when you are calling in Stratagems allows them to be delivered faster. Stratagem call in time is lowered by 1 second.
  • Precision Artillery Strike Stratagem – An artillery strike fired in a tight cluster with top modern homing rounds able to alter their trajectory. It uses the same targeting algorithm as the Railcannon strike.
  • The Precision Expert uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

Are you going to play Helldivers today?

[Source: Arrowhead]