Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Releases on PS Vita This December, Adds New Content

Outed earlier this year by a ratings board, 2K Games has officially confirmed that Civilization Revolution 2 Plus is coming to PlayStation Vita on December 3 in North America and Europe, though they didn’t give a price or say if it was coming to retail.

A turn-based strategy game, Civilization Revolution 2 Plus sees you building up a civilization from scratch using “an interface designed specifically for touchscreens and consoles,” or you can follow specific scenarios and see how you do against historical world leaders.

Exclusive to PS Vita, Civilization Revolution 2 Plus adds new scenarios, units, and world leaders from Japan’s history that aren’t available anywhere else.

2K Games Producer Joe Faulstick adds:

In one particular scenario (“Journey to the West”), you’ll use TaiZong against Saladin (AI) to capture Byzantium. The other scenarios, “Wrath of Emperor Kublai,” “Samurai Invasion of Korea,” “Z-flag Swirls,” and “Dark Clouds in the Pacific” all take place at different points in Japanese history.

And the same goes for the new Japanese leaders we introduce in this game:

  • Oda Nobunaga: Focused on medieval era/samurai bonus
  • Heihachiro Togo: Naval combat related bonuses
  • Himiko: More diplomatic related, governmental related bonuses

As for another 2K title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the ESRB recently rated XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus for PS Vita, suggesting a release is happening soon.

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