PS4-Exclusive WiLD Will Allow Players to Choose Their Own Adventure

We didn’t get to hear much about Michel Ancel’s WiLD following its initial reveal at gamescom 2014, but at Paris Games Week 2015, we got to see a brand new video and got some gameplay details for the first time. Explaining the game’s premise during a demo, Ancel said that WiLD won’t have an end goal. Instead, it’ll be all about the players’ unique journeys and what they choose to do in the game’s world.

“One thing I hate in games is when you have these mission things and you know exactly what you have to achieve,” he said. “Players can evaluate themselves if they want a big challenge or a small challenge.” Ancel went on to say that the developers don’t want to give players “a final point” in the game. Sure, the game will have missions, but how you progress is entirely up to you. 

Players will start their game as a child, learning about the world around them in which they can “domesticate other small animals or be helped by bigger animals.” 

If none of this makes sense to you, make sure to check out the PGW 2015 walkthrough first!

WiLD is currently in early development exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: GamesRadar]