After “Arduous” Porting Process, Teslagrad Is Coming to PS Vita This Month With Cross-Buy

Already available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and given away to PlayStation Plus members in September 2015, Rain Games has announced that Teslagrad is coming to PlayStation Vita on November 24 in North America and November 27 in Europe.

Priced at €14.99/$14.99 digitally with cross-buy, a retail version will be available in limited quantities for €19.99, but it doesn’t include cross-buy.

Eduardo Garabito of Rain Games said:

We are thrilled to release Teslagrad on PlayStation Vita. Our fans have been long asking for this version (with a reason!), and we can’t wait to see it happening. It has been an arduous porting process, but we are convinced that it will worth the effort. We had a great and enthusiastic reception on PlayStation platforms, and after the exciting appearance of the game on PlayStation Plus the Vita version will make things even better.

Back in April, Rain Games talked about porting Teslagrad to PS Vita, summing up their experience by saying:

The Vita version is resulting the most demanding version so far, but all this chaos offer a bright side too: this version benefits from optimizations made for the PS3 and PS4 platforms, and Vita’s release will at last bring cross-buy for all the three platforms.This ordeal has been a product of a mixture of our own mistakes and bad luck, but there’s something for sure: if we decided to keep fighting it has been so that we made Teslagrad equally playable and enjoyable in every platform. That’s the whole reason we do it, and the model (with several improvements) will be kept in our next game yet to be officially announced, World to the West.

Will you be playing Teslagrad on Vita later this month?

[Source: Rain Games]