PlayStation: Shooter Fans Are Tending to Switch Over to PS4

Xbox One may be the only place to play shooters like Halo, Gears, Call of Duty, and Battlefront, but Sony is saying fans of the biggest genre in gaming are choosing PlayStation 4.

The news comes from PlayStation Group Marketing Manager Lauren Bradley, who told MCV UK:

This generation, the shooter audience is tending to switch over to PS4, so we’ve got high expectations for Star Wars Battlefront around both launch and into next year.

While Xbox One owners will get to play Battlefront five days early thanks to EA Access, Sony partnered with EA on the marketing campaign. This includes the popular PlayStation Holiday 2015 ad, which Bradley says “really pulls on the heart strings and celebrates nostalgia.”

Bradley adds that one of the most-favorited comments on their Facebook post ‘the nostalgia is strong with this one.’ She continued, “Star Wars is so important to so many of us, those who love it often have that one friend they grew up watching it with so its a good way to get the local co-op message across.”

[Source: MCV UK]