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Konami’s Phantom Limb Project Gifts Amputee With Metal Gear-Styled Prosthetic

Konami has formally revealed The Phantom Limb project, a new initiative which will see the Japanese publisher collaborate with a renown prosthetics company in order to manufacture a real-life Metal Gear prosthetic arm for a young amputee. 

In teaming with Prosthetics Designer Sophie De Oliviera Barata along with a pool of engineers and roboticists, Konami will create a “highly stylized and multi-functional limb” for 25-year old James Young.

The Phantom Limb Project was born out of a desire to create something innovative, on the cusp of future technology, which would explore the themes present within the series and more specifically, the themes and ideas referenced in the latest incarnation: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Young lost his left arm and lower left leg after falling under a railway train in London back in 2012. A self-proclaimed Metal Gear fan, he’s since taught himself to play games one-handed, though that shouldn’t pose an issue for much longer. 

Konami plans to document the creation of the bleeding-edge prosthetic through a video documentary, while you can keep up with Young’s journey through the company’s blog

According to the site, the limb will be complete in January. Best wishes to James and his newfound prosthetic! 

[Source: Konami]