Fallout 4 DLC Will Be More of What People Want, Says Howard

In an interview at the Fallout 4 launch party last week, Game Director Todd Howard was asked about their post-launch DLC plans by Red Carpet Report.

After talking about how development took four years and most of the original vision is included in the final version, Howard said they have a bunch of content coming in 2016:

We’re doing [DLC]. We have a bunch coming next year. This game is huge, but it’s not just this launch. It’s going to be well deep into next year.

Adding that Bethesda is going to be “working through next year,” Howard continued by explaining how fan feedback will shape the post-launch DLC:

It’s like the game is ‘done,’ but it’s not done. Because until everybody plays it, it’s not really done.

What they bring to it is important, and then we’re going to see what people like, what they want more of, what they want different, and then we’re going to do that.

The Fallout 4 Season Pass is already available for $29.99 and will include every piece of post-launch DLC, but Bethesda hasn’t announced any specific details yet. All we know right now is that the first release will happen in early 2016.

Mods, meanwhile, will come to PlayStation 4 in 2016 following a PC and Xbox One launch.

[Source: Red Carpet Report via GameZone]