Future Unfolding Lets You Explore a Procedurally Generated World on PS4 in 2016

From developer Spaces of Play, Future Unfolding is an “explorative action adventure” game coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Letting you explore a mystical and mysterious procedurally generated world, Future Unfolding sees you observing and interacting with the wildlife to get clues and discover patterns. You’ll then use those patterns and wild animals to locate hidden secrets and find your way to the goal, while avoiding the less friendly creatures.

Designer Mattias Ljungström adds:

As you explore the world you will encounter various animals. The animals you meet can be friendly or dangerous. Helpful animals guide your way and give you access to new abilities. Hostile animals will hunt you down, but without weapons your only option is to outsmart, sneak past or outrun them.

Exploration is the key to understanding Future Unfolding. It’s up to you to discover which animals are friendly and how they can help you. We want you to figure out things for yourself. As you learn more about how the world works you will be able to solve puzzles and open up new areas.

All scenes in Future Unfolding were built with dynamic particles, every object is dynamic and can transform, move or blend into something, all animations are hand-drawn frame-by-frame and use their custom technology to create dynamic 3D shadows, you can dash through grass to destroy it, and every stone in the game is movable.

[Source: PS Blog]