Microsoft’s Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Trailer Mimics Sony’s PS4 Used Games Trailer

Yesterday, XboxUK released a new video titled ‘How Does Backward Compatibility Work on Xbox One?’ In it, they reveal how owners can take advantage of the new backwards compatibility feature on Xbox One with digital or retail games (disc-based games require a full game download).

If parts of the video seem familiar, it’s because Microsoft took a few elements from Sony’s ‘Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video,’ which debuted at E3 2015 and is sitting at 15.3 million views:

Speaking with GameSpot in a recent interview, Xbox Marketing Boss Mike Nichols said, “[The new Xbox One experience and backwards compatibility is] arguably the most significant release we’ve ever made to a console – and that anybody’s ever made to a console.”

He then touched on competition in the industry:

[…] That’s one of the really great things about our industry – is that competition is healthy for everybody. It’s resulting in some terrific gaming systems and terrific games and hopefully a lot more fun for customers; ultimately, that’s what we’re all in this thing for.

Which video do you like more?

[Source: XboxUK, GameSpot via Eurogamer]