Fallout 4 Game-Crashing Bug Discovered by Players, Bethesda Investigating

According to a thread on Bethesda’s forums and Reddit, a game-crashing bug has been discovered in Fallout 4 that affects users on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Occurring when people approach Monsignor Plaza for a quest, here’s an explanation of the crash from users on the forums and Reddit:

“Been playing for around 10 hours now with no problems and now doing a Settlement quest where I have to go to Monsignor but every time I go there it crashes straight to the desktop without any error message, there isn’t one in the Event Viewer either. I’ve searched for a while before posting but only found some other people who have had this crash on Reddit (They were doing the BoS questline), I’ve tried the Beta patch but it’s the same.”

“So I’m currently 20 hours into the game and Fallout runs perfectly fine without any kinds of crashes/issues until now. Every time I’m getting in a 100 feet radius of the area [Monsignor Plaza] I wanna enter my game just simply crashes. I Googled a bit, searched for similar problems, but couldn’t find any tips/solutions. So my question is if anyone else has/had the same issues and has a solution for his.”

The Bethesda forum adds that the crash isn’t happening to every Fallout 4 owner, but “it’s still fairly popular and the Reddit megathreads have had this bug as the most common.” Workarounds with starting a new game or re-loading an old save seem to have failed as well, so it may be best to wait for a patch.

Bethesda also chimed in on the forum, with Global Community Lead GStaff saying, “We’re keeping an eye on [this thread]. If you’re posting in this thread, we might reach out via PM to get a look at your game saves.” GStaff later added, “I’ve sent the link to our team to investigate.”

You can follow the link below to see a list of known issues with Fallout 4 and potential workarounds.

Have you experienced any game-crashing issues with Fallout 4?

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