Sony Advising PlayStation VR Devs to Make “Seated” Games for Safety

With Sony pushing heavily for its PlayStation VR device on the PlayStation 4, it seems the publisher wants more studios to make VR games that don’t necessarily need the player standing up.

At the 2015 Montreal International Game Summit, SCE Technical Account Manager  Vernon Harmon talked about seated games during his “Embrace Virtual Reality with Sony PlayStation VR” chat, and how they’re pushing for it to “maximize” safety.

You need to be careful not to direct your players into situations where they might fall over or collide with real life objects because they don’t realise consciously that what they’re interacting with is not there. Because of this we strongly advise PSVR developers to build their games around seated experiences as I mentioned before to maximise player safety.

PlayStation VR is set to launch in the first half of 2016, though Sony has yet to confirm a final release date or price just yet. Let’s hope those questions and more will be answered once Sony’s PlayStation Experience event takes place next month.

[Source VR Focus]