Extensive Unravel Gameplay Clip Spins a Yarn

Since its head-turning debut at E3 earlier in the year, all has been quiet on the Unravel front, though an extended gameplay clip has brought an end to the radio silence. 

Coming by way of IGN, the nine-minute snippet showcases the game’s adorable protagonist Yarny weaving his way through one level in particular, solving puzzle and clambering over obstacles along the way. 

What really allows this vertical slice to shine is the lack of commentary, giving us a chance to revel in Unravel‘s serene score, not to mention the naturalistic aesthetic. 

Currently available to pre-order on PlayStation Store, the listing pegs Unravel for a release on March 31, 2016. Then again, this is likely just a placeholder to indicate that the platformer will make its bow within the first quarter of the year, but we’ll keep you updated one way or the other. 

[Source: IGN]