PS4 Media Player Update 1.50 Improves Stability, Adds Display Mode to Videos

Sony released update 1.50 for the PlayStation Media Player recently, adding a few new features and improving the stability, as the patch notes reveal:

  • Arabic is now supported.
  • The closed captioning feature for videos has been improved.
  • [Display Mode] has been added to [Videos].
  • The location of media in [Recently Played] and [Favorites] can now be displayed.
  • Stability during use of some features has been improved.

As for another PS4 app, SHAREfactory update 1.07 is on its way:

The SHAREfactory Twitter account added, “Can’t discuss future features until they release, but we’ll talk more about 1.07 in the next few days.” Asked if there were plans to add more music, they replied, “Generally with each patch, we try to add a couple of songs for people to play with. DLC Themes also sometimes include music.”

You can find a list of all the free SHAREfactory themes on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Reddit, SHAREfactory (Twitter 1, 2) via GamingBolt]