Croixleur Sigma Is out This Month on PS4 in North America

Announced earlier this year as part of Playism’s Western lineup, Croixleur Sigma is coming to PlayStation 4 this month for $14.99.

First released on PC, Croixleur Sigma from developer Souvenir Circle sees you choosing a female warrior and battling through a tower in arena-based character action levels. You’ll also be able to equip up to four unique swords at a time for powerful combos.

According to Playism, the best platform to play Croixleur Sigma on will be PS4, with Souvenir Circle going “above and beyond the call of duty.” These improvements include an increased resolution, a cartoon shader “that brings the anime characters to life like never before,” new characters, a dress-up system, new weapons, and new animations for the special attacks.

Playism talked about the characters and dress-up system:

In addition to the graphical upgrade, the PS4 version has two new characters: Katerina and her bodyguard Sara-Annika. Once you play through the game’s various story modes, you’ll unlock these brand new characters to play with in the other game modes. Each sports a unique look and fighting style that you’re sure to love.

Also new to the PS4 version of Croixleur Sigma is the dress-up system. As you play through the game and collect coins, you’ll be able to enter the store and buy dresses, hats, and even weapons for your favorite characters.

You’ll also be able to play Croixleur Sigma at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

There was no release window mentioned for the game in Europe, and Playism didn’t say anything about the PlayStation Vita version.

[Source: PS Blog; Trailer is from the Japanese version]