Do Some Home Improvisation on PS4 in 2016

Released through Steam Early Access back in May, Home Improvisation from developer The Stork Burnt Down is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Described as “the world’s most fun (and accurate) furniture assembly experience,” Home Improvisation will feature seamless drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer.

Developer Josh Faubel explained why they’re focusing on multiplayer:

With Home Improvisation, we started off with a prototype that allowed players to switch seamlessly between single and multiplayer modes, and we went from there. At PAX East 2015, we found this format opened a lot of possibilities, and we spent the better part of the weekend watching total strangers drop in and out of games together, cooperate, compete, build on the creations of previous players, share knowledge, leave messages, destroy and transform previous players’ creations, and generally use the game in a lot of different ways.

Inspired by seeing total strangers interact by using the game, Faubel adds, “We’ve made it our new goal to extend our sandbox into the online arena with as little friction as possible, so players can find infinite new ways to play and interact.”

Here’s the full description, as seen on Steam (some features may vary on PS4):

Home Improvisation is a game about building crazy modular furniture. It is playable solo or with up to 5 friends working together. You can try to build the furniture correctly, or you can make new and terrifying furniture creations. The choice is yours!

Here are all the fun features you can look forward to:

  • Build the beautiful furniture of your dreams with simple mix-and-match furniture packs
  • Your friends can join in the fun too! Up to 5 people can build together
  • Create and share furniture on the Steam Workshop
  • Decorate 3 unique rooms in Form Mode
  • Test your furniture building prowess in Function Mode
  • Customize your furniture with the Peg and Hole Guns
  • Choose the perfect color palette with the Paint Brush tool
  • Careful of fragile objects: they shatter!

If pricing stays the same as it is on Steam, expect Home Improvisation to be $9.99.

[Source: PS Blog]