McDroid Comes to PS4 & Xbox One in Early 2016

From Grip Games (Tower of Guns) and Elefantopia, McDroid is making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2016.

Described as having a mix of action and tower defense gameplay, McDroid sees you crash-landing on planet infested by aliens. You must then repair your spaceship and fight off the aliens by shooting enemies with crazy weapons, building up your base and defenses, and harvesting resources.

Grip Games CEO Jakub Mikyska talked about visuals and gameplay:

McDroid has two major distinctive features: one is its unique look, which is very colorful and stylized, and the other is mixing tower defense with action gameplay. Starting with the latter, you will be able to build various weapons, like lasers, rocket launchers or tesla cannons, and place them as stationary turrets or carry them on your back and use them as traditional weapons. This lets you have automatic weapons to protect one part of the level, while you take more personal approach to bug eradication elsewhere. You’ll need to plant and harvest resources (And protect them!), you’ll find blueprints and discover new weapons and you’ll also get side-kicks as you play to help you cover more places at once.

Visuals and the overall style of the game are also very important. The cute scenery can very quickly turn into a frantic blood-bath. While McDroid is approachable by all types of players, you can also expect a real challenge in the late levels as the hostile bugs will throw everything they have at you. But the game always keeps a quirky sense of humor and playfulness.

Mikyska adds that “McDroid has been gaining huge positive feedback since it launched on Steam.”

[Source: PS Blog]