NBA 2K14 Servers Shutting Down December 31

The clock is ticking for NBA 2K14, and not for the first time. However, 2K seems committed on this go around, warning gamers on Twitter that “servers [are] to be discontinued 12/31/15.”

Back in April the servers were shut down temporarily, but ultimately had to be relaunched due to players being unable to access their save data.

This time 2K are giving an early alert, clearing stating that all “ranked games/online association won’t be available after [December 31].”

So NBA 2K14 won’t be joining us in 2016, and players only have two more weeks to say goodbye to their legendary status diamond players. Ah LeBron, how I miss you!

I suppose NBA 2K15, or even NBA 2K16, will have to suffice instead.

Are you still playing NBA 2K14 and disappointed by this news? Or have you moved on?