PlayStation VR Processing Box About the Size of a Wii, According to Report

In promotional videos and images for PlayStation VR, Sony has showed the virtual reality device without its cable or the processing box you plug it into before plugging into the PlayStation 4.

At a demo for the VirZoom bike earlier this month though, Polygon was able to see the PlayStation VR processing box. While they weren’t able to take any pictures or ask any questions, Polygon confirmed that it was the final retail version, not a dev kit.

According to them, “The black box looked a bit smaller than a Wii and is used to process the VR graphics and sort out the second-screen social experience on the television.”

Earlier this month, VR Focus published an image of PlayStation VR, complete with the processing box and controls on the cable (relating to volume control, microphone, and power). At the time, we didn’t know if this particular processing box was the final retail version, but judging by Polygon’s description, it is:


Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House briefly talked about PlayStation VR with The Guardian recently, saying, “The principal audience will probably be enthusiast gamers looking for something brand-new.” He expects the first phase of PSVR to provide “short-form but very intense experiences,” which opens up an opportunity for indie developers to be more prominent on VR than on console.

As for the potential of music and movies on PlayStation VR, House admits, “That’s something we’re definitely investigating. But it will probably come in a second phase of VR development for use, because our first focus is on games.”

We’ll learn more about PlayStation VR – such as price, release date, and more – in 2016.

[Source: Polygon, VR Focus, The Guardian]