Deck13’s Action RPG The Surge Will be Difficult With a “Huge” Risk/Reward Element

Lords of the Fallen developer, Deck13, has shared some more details about its upcoming action RPG, The Surge, including the game’s difficulty level and progression system. In a detailed post on the PlayStation Blog, we’re told that The Surge will be a tough ride, but with a “huge risk/reward” element that will make it worth the effort. 

The game will be difficult, yes. There’s a huge element of risk/reward. You need to analyse your enemies, find their weak spots, and then take a counter measure of your choice to confront them and bring them down. And yes, you are going to die a couple of times in the process.

Players will be equipped with an Exo Suit that can be upgraded as part of the progression system, allowing them to become stronger.

The player’s progression is strongly bound to his most important asset: The Exo Suit he is wearing. This rig allows him to move with more agility and perform stronger moves, but you can also attach armour parts and weapons to it and improve its power level, and manipulate it in a variety of ways.

Expanding a bit more on The Surge‘s dystopian setting, Deck13 said that the in-game world is inspired by “the worst-case scenario for today’s problems.” The game’s combat incorporates its industrial future scenario in form of tactical close combat.

Cut off limbs, and upgrade yourself with a mix of cybernetics, bone, flesh, and gadgetry. This is a gritty future – it isn’t robots vs humans, it’s cybernetics and man-kind rather inelegantly gnawed, sawed, and nailed together, trying to improve what it is to be human… or, rather, making the human manufacturing machine more efficient.

The Surge is scheduled for a 2017 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]