Infinifactory Launches Today on PS4 in North America for $24.99, PlayStation Plus Members Save 20%

Announced back in July, Infinifactory from developer Zachtronics is out today on PlayStation 4 in North America. Priced at $24.99 regularly, PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% launch week discount.

An open-ended puzzle game, Infinifactory includes all of the bonus content developed while it was in Steam Early Access. As Creative Director Zach Barth added, “Unlike a typical puzzle game, where each puzzle has a single solution that you’re trying to uncover, every puzzle in Infinifactory has countless solutions, each with different strengths and weaknesses.”

The most ambitious game so far from Zachtronics, Infinifactory’s PS4 version was helped along by 22nd Century Toys, who talked a bit about development:

When we started on the project one thing became quickly apparent: this is a very unique video game. We’ve played and enjoyed puzzle games before, but nothing that gives you so much (dare we say, infinite) variety in how to solve a puzzle.

The quirky, humorous, sci-fi story that ties all the puzzles together is a blast. And we love the chilled-out electronic soundtrack composed by Matthew S Burns.

Working on Infinifactory was so much fun we’d have to remind ourselves that our job was making sure the game ran on PS4 and not finding new or creative ways to solve a certain puzzle.

Infinifactory isn’t listed on the PlayStation Store in Europe today, and it wasn’t included inside the weekly Store update post.

Will you be getting Infinifactory?

[Source: PS Blog]