Best of 2015 Game Awards – Biggest Disappointment

PlayStation LifeStyle’s “Best of 2015 Game Awards” are mostly about celebrating the best achievements in gaming, but we do have a special award available for those that cause disappointment. Today we’re to announce the biggest disappointment of 2015!

It’s important for great games to get the recognition they deserve, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing these past few weeks. However, it’s also important to point out failures, and hope for better in the future. Let’s find out our next award “winner!”


Check out the gallery below for our nominees for the biggest disappointment of 2015, and of course, the winner, too. In case you’re wondering, the winner is decided by the staff (staff votes) and not just based on the game with the highest review score.

Do you agree with our pick? Which is your biggest disappointment for 2015? Stay tuned for more awards coming each day this week!

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