Rhythm Platformer Inside My Radio Grooves to PS4 on January 19

Complete with a 20% PlayStation Plus launch discount, Inside My Radio from Seaven Studio (Ethan: Meteor Hunter) is releasing on January 19 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 at $14.99.

Released last year on PC, Inside My Radio is a “a rhythm-action platformer adventure where your every move needs to be right on the beat.” Playing as a green LED trapped inside a dying boombox, it’s your mission to bring electro, dub, and disco music back to life by traveling through different worlds, each with their own musical style.

As Producer Olivier Penot explained, your actions in Inside My Radio must follow the beat. “If you do an action off-beat: music dies and nothing happens,” he says. “You have to synchronize with the beat! Welcome to a world where music is your best ally: never, under any circumstance, should you play on mute.”

You’re also able to compose the music of the game any you want, “either with your actions sound changing during the level or with jam-zones where we let you pick up and tune the best sounds,” Penot said.

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