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Rock Band Developer Harmonix Addresses Reports of Layoffs

Rock Band developer Harmonix has denied reports of the studio being hit by layoffs that surfaced earlier this week. Offering an explanation on its website, the company said that only two employees were laid off due to a “skills mismatch” but that the team is actually growing otherwise. 

Two individuals were laid off because of a skills mismatch with our future project slate, which sometimes happens, unfortunately, even with skilled employees. There is no studio-wide layoff, meaning, no plans to reduce the size of the studio as a whole; in fact, Harmonix is actually growing now.

According to Game Informer, a previous statement made to the publication implied that two designers had left, but it now appears that they were laid off. Regardless, Harmonix wasn’t hit by studio-wide redundancies. 

[Source: Harmonix, Game Informer]